Skull & Bones Charm Pendant
The Skull and Bones Charm Pendant was born out of a love of stripes and modern preppy vibe. The skull and bones design is inspired by Rowing Blazers' iconic rugby shirt, an interpretation of the first rugby shirt from England in 1860. The Charm Pendant comes with a detachable link allows you to wear your charm on various necklaces (chain, pearls, leather) or remove and hang on a hoop earring.

Price is for Charm Pendant ONLY

Care Instructions:
Do not wear enamel in the shower or while swimming. Chemicals or perfumes found in soaps and bath products can weaken the enamel damaging its surface and color.

  • Handmade in 14K Gold and Enamel
  • Charm is 20mm in Diameter
$ 2,700.00 USD
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* Due to bespoke, hand-crafted nature of our pieces, please allow for approximately 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your purchase.
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