Jessica Biales is an artist, designer and native New Yorker. As a teenager Jessica studied photography and metal smithing. For years her photography was focused on architectural details in Black and White. Growing up in New York City, she found beauty in the concrete around her. At Connecticut College she studied Anthropology and Photography. In the decade after college she spent a lot of time in Istanbul. Her closest friends were Turkish and she was immersed in Turkish culture. Exploring the rich history and culture at the crossroads of East and West had a profound influence on her eye. She left Black and White photography behind and switched to color. One summer in Istanbul Jessica was inspired to cut her photographs apart and paste them together into collage. She made collage from photographs for years and then with digital photography and editing tools her collage evolved.


“I observe my surroundings constantly. I look for beauty and enjoy transforming photographic images or carving wax into something new and magical. Almost like a game, manipulate pieces of a puzzle to fit together in new ways. Always searching for elements to capture, manipulate or carve into something new.”
“I grew up taking walks with my father on Madison Avenue on Saturdays. We loved to stroll up and downthe avenue. My father had excellent taste and taught me to see and appreciate the Design, Art, and Fashion in the windows and galleries we passed. These collage are made from photographs I took of reflections in windows on Madison Avenue from 2015 to today. This series of collage is about the beauty in the windows and the beauty on the street and how they collide to form a new abstract beauty.”